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A Better Way to Increase Peptide ID Rates in Complex Proteomics Mixtures

Don’t let stable and robust nanoflow LC/MS remain a challenge for your proteomic analysis. Bruker’s CaptiveSpray nanoBooster™ revolutionary ion source delivers:
  Nanospray sensitivity with the ease-of-use and robustness of ESI
•  Plug-and-play operation
•  Minimized clogging due to patented design
  Uninterrupted flow from 50 nL/min to 5 uL/min, allowing for use of a wide range of column diameters
  Smart dopant enrichment of ionization gas for charge state control
  Superb reproducibility, especially for protein quantitation
  Higher sample loading capacity for increased dynamic range
  Applications for intact protein analysis and glycoproteomics

The right ion source matters to your proteomic application. Choose CaptiveSpray nanoBooster.

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