ALLDATA’s been updated with everything you need to diagnose and repair vehicles – quickly! And now we’ve added new Interactive Color Wiring Diagrams. More than 300,000 of them, in fact. These non-OE color wiring diagrams supplement the existing database of factory-direct wiring diagrams already in the product. So you get the best of both worlds. And you can easily toggle between the two for comparison. Come take the new ALLDATA for a spin.

Updated ALLDATA Repair

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Here are some of the cool new color wiring diagram features that will help you save time and streamline your shop’s estimating/repair processes when you subscribe to ALLDATA Repair® or ALLDATA Collision®

  • View all diagrams in a series – A major diagnostic time-saver, this functionality is unique to ALLDATA – no one else has it. View on your computer or mobile device.
  • Highlight a specific wire – Easily track it across all pages in the diagram series.
  • Hide non-highlighted wires – Non-highlighted wires are ghosted so you can clearly see the wires/circuits/components you’re working on.
  • Print the full diagram series at once – Or a single diagram. Most competitive products do not offer this capability.
  • Pan within a diagram – Zoom in/Zoom out to hone in on details.
  • Bookmark highlighted articles – Find frequently-used articles with just a click.
  • Toggle between OE and non-OE diagrams – You can easily click to view either factory-direct or non-OE diagrams for quick comparison.

In addition, you can get up to speed faster and start working right away. The documentation style, diagram keys, and abbreviations are all accessible from one screen and are the same across the entire diagrams spectrum, which includes:

300,000+ Diagrams
49 Makes
24,000+ Models

Diagrams source: Bosch/Valley Forge

This is a huge advantage compared to using multiple OEM repair databases and having to learn dozens of different formats and abbreviations.

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