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Trusted by more than 400,000 automotive technicians worldwide, ALLDATA Repair® delivers the most up-to-date, unedited OEM automotive repair info in the industry, with a searchable database of more than 38,000 engine-specific vehicles. The new technology platform is the most extensive, integrated update to our flagship product in ALLDATA’s 30-plus year history, with MORE data, BETTER search, and FASTER navigation. Access factory-direct repair procedures, specifications, service interval tables, DTCs, TSBs, and more. Save on a subscription with your NIADA membership and take advantage of our exclusive gift card offer (see below)!*

With your ALLDATA Repair subscription, you’ll also get access to this robust online forum where you can research problems, swap ideas, and ask questions. Valuable diagnostic and repair information is posted by more than 98,000 technicians from around the country and is closely monitored by ALLDATA’s highly-skilled ASE Master techs. Get easy access to numerous tech-verified fixes, millions of DTC-related probable causes and valuable customized ALLDATA Diagnostic Bulletins … all from a single search!

Experience the power of ALLDATA Repair or ALLDATA Collision, right at the vehicle! Use our Mobile app and a compatible tablet (iPad, Android, and Windows) to quickly pull up OEM repair info and verified repairs with tap-and-go screens. Zoom and swipe diagrams for easy reading. And use OBDII diagnostics to read P-codes, live sensor data, emissions monitors, and more.

ALLDATA Tech-Assist®
When the going gets tough, the tough call Tech-Assist! Try our diagnostic hotline staffed by ASE Certified Master Technicians. Whatever you need, from help with tricky diagnostics to step-by-step repair assistance, the Tech-Assist team can help. And now, don’t just tell our techs; show them! Use the free Rescue Lens app to livestream video of the problem, the Tech-Assist team can “draw” on your screen to show you what to do next. **

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When you subscribe to ALLDATA during your 5‑day trial, you’ll get one of the following gift cards ...

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If you’re not familiar with ALLDATA Repair, check out this video:

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*ALLDATA Repair is exclusively available to automotive repair shops. Information for single vehicles is available through our ALLDATA DIY product. Work on your car at home with the same data the pros have. Trial includes five days of unlimited access to ALLDATA Repair. The trial subscription automatically terminates, with no automatic renewal.

This offer expires May 29, 2017.

**Certain restrictions apply. See representative for details. Subscription to ALLDATA Repair with auto pay. Initial subscription payment must be completed to qualify for either AutoZone gift cards, or $50, $100, or $150 gift cards. AutoZone gift cards can only be redeemed at AutoZone retail stores. AutoZone gift card for U.S. customers only. AutoZone gift cards or, $50, $100, and $150 gift cards not exchangeable for cash or replaced if lost or stolen. $50, $100, and $150 gift cards are subject to terms of use and may not be accepted at all retailers. AutoZone gift cards or, $50, $100, and $150 gift cards eligibility for new customers only.

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